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About Southern Connect Ltd

Southern Connect Limited is a company striving to provide unparalleled services for parcel deliveries and to passengers intending to connect urban and suburban regions in Nigeria The brand plans to accomplish this by setting high standards on safety,reliability and first class customer care.The idea was born to relieve passengers from the conventional but substandard services choking the logistics /transportation industries by providing better safety,comfort and security.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of comfort while travelling so that you do not get stressed out before getting to your destination.

We Do More Than You Wish

  • Drive you in a fully airconditioned car
  • We reward your patronage with comfort and luxury
  • Drive you by well-trained and seasoned drivers
  • Give you the comfort you deserve and through
  • professional service delivery
  • Help deliver your parcel to destination without any
  • risk


The Services We Offer

We provide excellent travel solution connecting the southern part of Nigeria. In everything, customer's luxury, satisfaction and comfort come first

Online Booking

To make life easier, we have provided an online booking system with integrated secured payment to help you complete your booking process from the comfort of your home

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Travel Across Cities

Currently, our regular transport operation covers the southern part of the country and drive you in luxury cars with capacity of just four passengers to ensure you travel with ease.

anytime Rent a Car

If you want to travel alone or with a few friends or family members to any destination across the southern region, we sure have a smooth solution you can trust

anytime Send your Parcel

We deliver light weight parcels and luggages with assurance to destinations that are covered by our transport operations. The costs are very affordable.


Our vehicles depart in the morning by 6:30am and 11:30am and afternoon by 3:30pm. Customers who booked over the counter may be asked to wait till departure time; if you booked your ticket online, we will attempt to remind you of the departure time and adjure you to be at the terminal 30 minutes before departure.
The ticketer will attempt to persuade you to wait for departure if you purchase your ticket over the counter and will reach you via the telephone number you have provided to notify you of the intended departure time , but otherwise, if you purchase your ticket online, we will reach you 1 hour prior to our intended departure time and expect that you should be at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the ascribed departure time. In as much as we do not have a refund policy on ticket duly purchased, your ticket is valid for one month from the date of purchase after which Southern Connect is not under any obligation to honor.
Because you come first, Southern Connect is deliberately tailored to meet your road travel needs. Our Drivers are cautious and do not compromise safety standards. We have exceptionally friendly customer service (on-board refreshment for trips exceeding 3 hours) Our maintenance team are top notch and we do not compromise safety.
In as much as we do not except in-transit breakdown, we will deploy another vehicle in a timely manner to help you complete your trip.
cigarette smoking is prohibited while in transit as this may cause serious discomfort for other passengers on board.
We do not provide transportation for animals.
The computer will generally generate a price based on the weight and dimension of your parcel
At the point of postage, we will generate a tracking number for your package and we will notify you once your package has been delivered, this generally takes up to 24 hours.
Maximum allowable bag dimension is 60cm x 40cm x 90cm
Cheques in bearer form, Narcotics, Human Remains, Live Animals, Live Ammunition and Currency.
We provide adequate security and it is very unlikely that you loose your belongings while in transit, however passenger is responsible for monitoring his or her bag(s) and the company is not liable in the event of a lost or stolen luggage.